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Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 08:10:20 EEST

Ray (and everybody),

Does AutoCAD export .stl files?

How come almost nobody seems to talk about AutoCAD in rp-ml - is it that it
isn't widely used in the rp world? If so, how come?

Also, is there a SolidPlayer for Wintel PC's and for Macintosh?

Appreciating all responses -

>Mr Ofer Vacus:
>With regard to converting from PE to AutoCAD, viewing, printing and sharing
>CAD designs:
>If you can write an STL file or IGES file from PE (Pro Engineer ?),
>you can use SolidView to view the file and do any of the following:
>1. Print any views with dimensions, to-scale or fit to the page
>2. If you'd like to import the file into AutoCAD 13, SolidView can write
>a DXF file of 3DFACE entities which you can load and view in AutoCAD.
>3. If you'd like to load images into a WORD document, you can select the
>views you want, add dimensions and annotations and paste images into WORD
>directly from SolidView.
>4. If you'd like to communicate with someone else in TRUE 3D, with multiple,
>dimensioned and annotated views along with 3D INTERACTIVE Visualization,
>SolidView lets you create an SFX file and send a 3D commmunication using
>the SolidPlayer to anyone you want -- for FREE.
>For more information or to download a demo copy of SolidView,
>please see our web site:
>give us a call at 805 257-9300.
>Ray Bradford
>>Dose anyone know haw to convert 3D models of PE to AutoCAD 13 for
>>Windows? we correctly have some problems with the plotter and looking
>>for alternatives
>>Is it also possible to transfer 3D models to be viewed in word
>>Thank you
>>Ofer Vacus <>
>Ray Bradford
>Vice President, Software 805 257-9300 fax 9311
>Solid Concepts Inc.
>28231 Avenue Crocker, Unit 10
>Valencia, CA 91355

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