Re: Re[2]: AutoCAD (was Re: 3D in CAD)

From: Andrew Halket (
Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 14:54:14 EEST

> Andrew wrote:
> AutoCad is 2D mainly, and any 3D is not solid modelling...
> I suggest you, for your personal culture, to take a look of the
> http://WWW.AUTODESK.COM ...
> AutoCAD has since some release ago, solid modeling capabilities as
> well as STL file output.
> Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, furthermore, has many others solid
> modeling features: parametric and variational geometry, NURBS
> surfaces, etc.

It is unfortuante then that neither it, or Pro-E or IDEAS etc has
become an industry standard in the way 2D autocad was. It is a
nightmare for us as a product development consultancy to work with
clients and suppliers (specifically industrial designers) who all
have different systems. We have now had to add Pro-E to our IDEAS
capability beause no one (especially Parametic, SDRC have reportedly
tried/trying a little harder) has produced translators between
systems (because it is not in their interests). IGES files are of
little use, apart from to see what something looks like etc.

Bring back good old AutoCad and .dxfs! Personally, from a work point
of view, i wouldn't mind at all if one of these companies managed to
achieve a Microsoft like near monopoly over the 3D CAD business.

Ah! Would Bill Gates be interested?


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