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Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 16:47:23 EEST

On Apr 4, 5:08am, Mike Shellabear wrote:
> Subject: AW: building time
> Thanks for the question Jim and apologies for the delay in replying due to
> Easter holidays.
> Of course if it's really a cube you want, we would recommend milling rather
> laser sintering, however for the sake of comparing building speeds a regular
> geometry is easy to estimate. We would recommend using our Skin & Core
> style with a 3mm skin, with layer thickness 0.1mm in the core for speed and
> 0.05mm skin for improved surface quality. Using a standard EOSINT M250 direct
> metal laser sintering (DMLS) system, the 100x100x100mm cube would then need a
> building time of approx. 40 hours.
> If you wanted to use the resulting part for injection moulding you would need
> infiltrate it. We recommend high-temperature epoxy resin, which takes about 2
> hours at 160 deg. C. The total dimensional accuracy should be about +/-0.1mm.

based on my experience, this is a pretty good <stunning> accuracy for a process
that includes:
- facetting a model (assuming that your RP system doesn't directly use NURBS)
- building in a RP system
- post curing
- infiltration (a thermal process, at least for DTM)
- injection moulding, a thermal process again)

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