AutoCAD (was Re: 3D in CAD)

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Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 21:04:59 EEST

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>Subject: AutoCAD (was Re: 3D in CAD)
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>Ray (and everybody),
>Does AutoCAD export .stl files?
When ouputting .STL from any of the AutoCAD Revisions, even on a setting of
10, the files still can suffer poor tessellation. A couple of ways to
overcome this:

1) Increase the part size by a certain factor (2x, for example), then do an
.STL output. Once the .STL is output you can reduce the part back to the
   percentage. This basically fools the output into more triangles. I've
never tried,
   but hear this works.

2) Output an .IGES file and use Brockware or other translators to output the
   file. On AutoCad, CADkey and some of the other less expensive packages, this
   option is preferrable to using their own .STL utilities.

Best of Luck,

Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego, CA


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