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From: Ray Bradford (
Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 21:47:34 EEST

With regard to your questions, C. McArdle:

>Does AutoCAD export .stl files?

AutoCAD exports STL files and IGES files and version 13 has
Solid Modeling capability. It's a command line option and not well known,
but it's there.

>How come almost nobody seems to talk about AutoCAD in rp-ml - is it that it
>isn't widely used in the rp world? If so, how come?

It may be that many AutoCAD users are focused on 2D.
The types of 3D parts designed may be a factor or the time reduction is not
so important to the users. RP demonstrates the most cost and time savings
for complex geometries. We've seen good work done in AutoCAD in our RP
business, but not the most complex work - which is not a statement about any
limitations in
AutoCAD only my observations of the parts we've seen.

>Also, is there a SolidPlayer for Wintel PC's and for Macintosh?
The SolidPlayer is currently available only for Wintel PC's.
It can be run in networked environments using NTRIGUE to display at native
speed to X Windows devices such as UNIX workstations, X Terminals or Macintosh
running X Servers.

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