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From: Robert I Connelly (
Date: Mon Apr 07 1997 - 20:27:57 EEST


I must apologize for the delay in my response, but I think that I have the answers that you are seeking.

>1 ) Can i get any of the NASUG's past proceedings from somewhere, and if i can
>do you think it would be helpfull for a non-3DS user like me ?
Unfortunately, copies of past proceedings are only for sale to those who could qualify as
members of the 3DSNASUG. In order to qualify, your company must own a stereolithography machine manufactured by 3D Systems. If this is (or becomes)
the case, feel free to get in touch with me and I'll see what we have.

>2 ) Is there a similar professional group (like NASUG) in Europe concerned with
>stereolithography (or RP in general) ?

Yes, and as Elaine mentioned it too is only open to 3D SLA equipment owners. Of
course, as is the case with the 3DSNASUG, members of the European Users Group
would be glad to discuss their group with you. Contact Graham Tromans for more info.
He can be reached at 01203 523523 in the U.K.

As a general note, the 3DSNASUG's format is for users to help one another to get the
most from their 3D Systems equipment, and to communicate needed upgrades/fixes/
enhancements/etc. to 3D for future development. As such it gets to be pretty machine-
specific. Of course the conferences often go well beyond those simple objectives,
 but they represent the basic framework.

Good luck, and perhaps we'll see you at a future meeting!?!?

- Rob Connelly
Becton Dickinson Research Center

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