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Date: Tue Apr 08 1997 - 02:26:04 EEST

     It can and does work...If you team up with a house that knows how to
     build molds. Depending upon the complexity and customer expected
     outcome it delivers NEAR-NET-SHAPE. If your design has significant
     engineering design features. e.g. deep bosses, ribs, shut-offs, etc.,
     then using good mold making practices like inserting complex features
     makes sense. It's fast but requires a good working knowledge of the
     sinterstation, intermidiate infiltration oven and the furnace. The
     green part is as close to perfect as one would normally expect for
     injection molding tolerances unless your doing precision AMP type
     connectors where tolerances are typically .001"/" ot tighter. It's
     great where you have extremely complex geometry. The furnace stage is
     where problems occur, but with experience you can learn to anticipate
     and adjust.
     There's no silver bullet yet! DTM's process is as close as anyone has
     gotten with a non-transfer (3D Direct) approach. It's an ideal
     solution, yet still needs DTM and users to push it further. What is
     needed is customers who purchase tools to embrace it as a new tool
     making process and commit to being part of a learning curve.
     Hopefully these pioneers will benefit by being ahead of their
     Jim Williams
     Paramount Industries, Inc.

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Subject: Rapid Tool
Author: Banderas <> at INTERNET
Date: 4/7/97 8:21 AM

Can someone shed some literature on Rapid Tool by SLS process. Hows the
process, is it as good as claimed and whats the latest discovery.
Thanks to all speedy contributors.

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