Re[2]: AutoCAD (was Re: 3D in CAD)

From: ralott@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 20:32:28 EEST

     I asked my AutoCAD AE about the question of RP via AutoCAD. Here is
     his reply:
     The SOLSTLOUT command was part of the AME modeling package in R11/R12
     of AutoCAD. Since the AME modeling package went away with the
     introduction of R13, the command in R13 has changed to STLOUT. Note
     that this command will only work on true 3DSOLID data types. If you
     are using the parametric modeling package Designer from AutoDesk, you
     will first have to explode the part before running STLOUT on it. You
     can then UNDO to get back the original designer part. Facet sizes can
     be controlled with the AutoCAD system variable FACETRES, the default
     value is 1 and is fine for most parts. Increasing this value will
     increase the number of facets and the file size as well. If you
     currently do not have R13 of AutoCAD I strongly recommend you
     procuring it.
     Rick Lott
     Lu McCarty (AutoCad AE)
     Hughes Space and Communications
     Los Angeles

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