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Date: Wed Apr 09 1997 - 05:58:17 EEST

I'm sorry, I just can't let this go by.

As if this guy, whoever he was, is part of some massive conspiracy.

Surely the overbearing numbskull who thinks he is hip and amusing just
because someone gave him a mike is not new to you.

Don't commit the very act of stereotype and gross generalization that you

Speaking as an annoyed white male, I enjoy and respect the company of open
minded and articulate people, regardless of their demographic
classification. And I feel no obligation to suffer the flames of the

I for one will thank you if you'll stick to your specific experience, as
Elaine did.

> Elaine,
> Surely the tactic of divide and conquer is not new to you.
> Sometimes the target is women, other times it's blacks, Latinos, or,
> just recently, Asian.
> The politics of division is what keeps the white male minority in
> power. Any doubts? Just look at a photo of almost any Fortune 500
> company board of directors. (Then listen to them boast of the
> "diversity" of their company's workforce!)
> Tell me what the "angry white male" has to be angry about! They hold
> all the top corporate positions, they make more money, they have all
> the power!
> Anonymous
> (a.k.a. Rick Lott)

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