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From: C.McArdle (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 02:54:44 EEST

> Stick to my "specific experience" or do what? Maybe if I wasn't there
> it didn't happen? Is that what you suggest? Then I guess World Wars
> never happened, or at least we shouldn't discuss them since it wasn't
> our personal "specific experience." Or maybe we shouldn't take
> antibiotics if we didn't have the "specific experience" of discovering
> them.

Oh, please.

I suggest you reread your post, and then reread mine. That should clear up
your confusion about my meaning.

Also, this isn't a place for general discussion of human rights or
political views.

> No, my friend. Events we don't personally witness affect us all quite
> dramatically, and we learn of them and act on them based on the
> reported experiences of others.

But, still, you speak in glittering generalities, with which no one could
disagree on their face, and which create more heat than light.

> I don't know where you work, but at my job if you enter an auditorium
> of the company's engineers, there are very few women present, and a
> disproportionately small number of minorities. And, as I suggested,
> an examination of the board of directors (or even senior management)
> shows predominately white male faces.

So what. That's your justification for a cliche ridden rant in rp-ml?
And, to respond to your personal experience with my own, I work alongside
and across the table with women engineers, and women are key players and
executives in virtually all the corporate organizations I deal with. Your
horizon is limited by (although not necessarily to) your experience. It
ain't like that everywhere.

> I too am a white male, but I don't feel the need to carry the burden
> of guilt for the actions of other white males. I do, however, hope
> that I have learned from the actions of the "power elite" the error of
> failing to recognize the potential contributions of all people,
> regardless of gender, or race, etc.

But you have taken it upon yourself to publicly display a holier-than-thou
attitude and, not incidentally, you misrepresent the argument you are
trying to make. The stuff you're saying is a reactionary
psuedo-liberalism, not thoughtful and effective articulation of the issues
you would have me believe you are addressing. I am pointedly stating that
you have not learned the lessons you hoped you had.

> I enjoy getting off an a rant now and then, and realize that this
> isn't the appropriate place to do so. On the other hand, if you don't
> like my peaches, don't shake my tree!
> Rick Lott
> Liberal-at-large
> Los Angeles

Really, don't fool yourself into believing that what you're saying is
liberalism, any more than xenophobic hate mongering can be fairly called

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>Subject: Re: non-RP delete if necessary
>Author: (C.McArdle) at CCGATE
>Date: 4/8/97 8:30 PM
>I'm sorry, I just can't let this go by.
>As if this guy, whoever he was, is part of some massive conspiracy.
>Surely the overbearing numbskull who thinks he is hip and amusing just
>because someone gave him a mike is not new to you.
>Don't commit the very act of stereotype and gross generalization that you
>Speaking as an annoyed white male, I enjoy and respect the company of open
>minded and articulate people, regardless of their demographic
>classification. And I feel no obligation to suffer the flames of the
>I for one will thank you if you'll stick to your specific experience, as
>Elaine did.


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