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From: Andrew Halket (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 12:25:05 EEST

Someone wrote:
> > I don't know where you work, but at my job if you enter an auditorium
> > of the company's engineers, there are very few women present, and a
> > disproportionately small number of minorities. And, as I suggested,
> > an examination of the board of directors (or even senior management)
> > shows predominately white male faces.
> >

Let me get you right here - most of the engineers (as where I work)
are white male, and most of the management are white males.
This only implies a perfectly fair method of advancement through your
company - why should positive discrimination be used?
"Disproportionately small number of ethnic minorities"?
disproportionate to the population or to the number of applicants you

As in general in engineering, your example merely shows a big
problem in encouraging women to be interested in pursuing it as a
career (at least here in the UK). Out of something like 200
engineers and scientists we struggle to have half a dozen women - and
I know that we have absolutely no reason to discriminate (being
involved in the recruitment process myself from time to time), we
just try to seek the best (!)


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