I-DEAS for rapid prototyping

From: Nemeth Karoly (nemeth@fabicad.hu)
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 20:02:44 EEST

Dear rp world,

We would like to evaluate I-DEASD Master Series as a tool fot rapid
prototyping. Is anyone out there use this software package wit together
with RP? What sort of experiences do you have? What are the advantages
and drawbacks?
If you could share your experiences in this (I-DEAS - RP connection)
field with us I would be very grateful. I am interested in any sort of
observations e.g.:
- modeling capabilities of I-DEAS (solid and/or surface)
- accuracy (is the precision of the system sufficient to minimize the
presence of gaps in the closed model?)
- special part building technologies for RP
        "surface on cloud of points" features for reverse engineering
        scaling and shelling functions
- data translators
        experiences with neutral data formats supported by I-DEAS (e.g.: IGES,
        experiences with direct interfaces (e.g.: I-DEAS - CATIA, I-DEAS -
- RP interface
        user friendliness
        support creation (e.g. for SLA)
- any other relevant remarks

I would very appreciate your help.
Thank you for your time!

Karoly Nemeth

Technical University of Budapest

PS: Please use my private email address for your answer:

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