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From: Ray Bradford (
Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 00:55:37 EEST

Michael Maurice wrote:

>I need a list of available shareware STL viewers. Does not have to do
anything but allow you to view it and zoom in.

If you need viewing capabilities for students or other users, why not
consider the
SolidView + SolidPlayer solution rather than time limited shareware programs or
per user shareware purchases.

SolidView is a commercial product which reads STL files and does much more than
just view and zoom.

On the low cost side, SolidPlayer is FREE and is not time limited - the
price per
SolidPlayer user is $0.00.

SolidView creates SFX files (multiple objects and views with dimensions and
which the FREE SolidPlayer can read allowing the SolidPlayer user to
View and Zoom, Measure and Inspect internal features and ultimately,
to receive a True 3D Communication.

All current versions of SolidView 2.0, including SolidView RP 2.0+, support
SFX file creation
and SolidPlayer publishing but SolidView 2.0 beta versions did not.

For more information about SolidView, please see our web site:
or give us a call at 805 257-9300.

Thanks for your consideration.

Ray Bradford

>Michael Maurice
>Alabama Industrial Development Training
Ray Bradford
Vice President, Software 805 257-9300 fax 9311
Solid Concepts Inc.
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Valencia, CA 91355

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