Re: STL file

From: Tom Vorgitch (
Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 18:37:47 EEST

At 04:42 PM 4/10/97 -0500, barney sing wrote:
>Request for an F-16; F-22 STL file... Anyone have one?? Know where to get one?
>barney sing
>Global Tool and Engineering
>vc: (972) 241-4300 ext.107
>fx: (972) 241-3195

You can download a SolidView SFX file of an F-16 (complete
with a missle launch!) at:

This file is in SFX format. If you don't have SolidView to convert
it back to STL, let me know and I'll email the STL file to you. The
same SFX file is also on our demo CD.



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