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Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 00:36:40 EEST

     Paul... I'd like to respond but it would be helpful if you could be
     more specific.
     Both DTM's RapidTool and 3D Systems KelTool are good mold making
     processes. Both have constraints. RapidTool is a 3D Direct process
     requiring only a mold .stl file while KelTool is a transfer process
     requiring a physical model of either the part or the actual mold.
     KelTool's literature explains a process of either starting with a
     physical model or a duplicate of the mold you actually want to
     In either process they each have size limits. KelTool has superior
     surface finishes out of the box. But, it does require intermidiate
     pattern making and mold making that DTM's does not require. Having
     these intermidiate steps could introduce accuracy issues if you are
     not careful. "Inspect what you expect"
     and there's more..........
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Subject: Rapid Tooling
Author: "Welsh_1" <> at INTERNET
Date: 4/9/97 8:51 AM

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with Rapid
Tooling and it's application to molding both thermoset and thermoplastic
materials. The more complex the parts, the better. Either SLS Rapidtool,
Keltool, or any other process.
Thank you,
Paul Evans
Siemens-Furnas Controls

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