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From: Brian Bauman (
Date: Thu Apr 17 1997 - 16:37:16 EEST


We use Polycarbonate only for investment casting applications. To infiltrate the patterns for casting, we use a investment grade wax.

If you are still using Polycarbonate for visualization models, you can infiltrate the patterns with urethanes. The urethanes sand better than the the Epo-Thin epoxy. Also you can infiltrate the polycarbonate with different colors. However, it would be very hard to match colors, but you can obtain definite color distinction.

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From: Joseph DeGuglielmo[]
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I was wondering how many users are using Polycarbonate in there
sinterstations and what they use it for. (investment patterns,
prototypes, etc) Also, has the material improved since the beta days? We
had to infiltrate the parts with something called epothin in order to
give the parts strenght. Thanks



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