Rhino Beta build 21-Mar-97 available (fwd)

From: Lori Kraus (lorikras@astro.ocis.temple.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 26 1997 - 08:11:18 EEST

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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 19:44:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Rhino Development <rhino@robert.mcneel.com>
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Subject: Rhino Beta build 21-Mar-97 available

Dear Rhino User,

Rhino Beta build 21-Mar-97 is now available from:
ftp://ftp.antelope.com/pub/rhino/rhino32.exe (Southern California)
ftp://ftp.rhino3d.com/pub/rhino/rhino32.exe (Seattle)
ftp://ftp.azteccad.co.uk/software/aztec/rhino32.exe (UK)

This new build expires on May 31.

There are a lot of new features and bug fixes in this build, including:

- Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
- Surface of revolution command is improved.
- Support for periodic surfaces. A periodic surface is a special kind
  of closed surface that is very smooth at its seam. The seam will
  stay smooth, even when control points are squished around.
- New commands to aid in manipulating control points.
- Edge fillet command that lets you easily round the edges of simple

This build also incorporates our first run at a Rhino help file. The help
file is still rough, but it contains a lot of valuable information.
To get help on a specific command, start the command and press F1.

Details on new commands, changes, and bug fixes are in the help file,
and will also be at http://www.rhino3d.com/whats_new.html next week.

You can learn more about Rhino by joining the Rhino e-mail discussion
forum at http://rhino3d.com/support/forum.html.

We're approaching 25,000 beta sites. Your feedback has been invaluable to
us - we've been using it to help shape Rhino.

Due to the huge response, we haven't been able to personally respond
to everyone's e-mail. We are paying attention to all of it, so don't
hesitate to send in comments and suggestions. We're focusing our
energy on answering questions on the e-mail discussion forum so
as many users as possible benefit from the information.

Thanks for telling your friends and colleagues about Rhino. It's very
exciting for us to see what you are achieving. Stop by the Rhino
gallery on our web site to see what other Rhino users are up to.

If you don't want to receive update notices about Rhino, you can
remove yourself from this list at


        - Michael

  Michael Gibson Rhino Development
  Robert McNeel & Associates Phone: (206)545-7000
  3670 Woodland Park Ave. N. Fax: (206)545-7321
  Seattle, WA 98103 email: rhino@mcneel.com
                                            web: http://www.rhino3d.com

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