Service Bureau Start-Up

From: Phil Russell (
Date: Tue Apr 29 1997 - 06:34:54 EEST

I am currently investigating opening a small 1-machine service bureau
with a SLA-250. As you can imagine, I have many questions. Has anyone
had any experience with the "Smart-Start" package currently offered by
3D Systems? The more I learn, it seems to be a very minimal package,
functionally. Does anyone have opinions of the feasiblity of a modeling
only operation, in the beginning? My plan includes the possibility of
later expanding into CAD services, Stress analysis (my profession), and
possibly small-scale plastics injection molding. I am currently trying
to find any information on cost analysis, marketing, other people's
perspectives on the service bureau business, etc. Is the service
contract that 3D offers worth the price? Does anyone have any
quantitative laser lifetime data, based upon power rating? I could go on
forever. Thanks, in advance, for all the help.

                                        Phil Russell

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