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Date: Tue Apr 29 1997 - 02:58:02 EEST

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> Can anyone tell me if there has been a speed comparison between the
>various RP systems using a standard part? I've heard some mention of the
>part" that was used for sometype of comparison. I would like to get a better
>idea of how fast these systems perform.

Depends who you ask and what you need the part for. "Fast" is relative
anyway. All RP systems are fast compared with previous methods of doing the
same things, and I've heard it said separately for each system that it is
the fastest. Here's why, in no particular order:

For LOTS of parts, Cubital's Solider system is fastest
For very small parts, the Sanders ModelMaker is the only machine around and
therefore the fastest
For very large parts LOM from Helisys is recommended
For parts in ABS nothing is quicker than the Stratasys FDM system
If you need metal parts quickly, DSPC by Soligen is probably your answer
If you don't mind starch, the new Z Corp machine claims to be the fastest
DTM or Eosint machines are fastest for nylon parts

Obviously not all of these systems build the same part equally fast, but
for us that is a relatively minor issue. The real time savings on RP, and
the challenge, come from combining it with tooling methods to enable the
rapid realization of functional parts in production materials. That was the
main message I got from the recent RP&M conference in Dearborn.

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