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From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Tue Apr 29 1997 - 19:24:41 EEST

At 8:40 -0400 29/4/97, Elaine Persall wrote:

>For those attending last week's RP& M conference in Dearborn...I am sure
>you found the RP World as exciting as ever. Thanks to Linda Johnson and
>staff for a tremendous job and much appreciation to the SME for sponsoring
>this event.

I second that. I've attended most of the important RP events, and the SME's
RP&M Conference and Exhibition is without question the best (i.e. my

>Vendor shake ups: Paul Jacobs & others missing from conference scene

Dr. Paul F. Jacobs, for those who don't know, is/was director of research
and development at 3D Systems and a major force in the RP industry almost
from its inception. The "others" Elaine refers to are Richard P. Fedchenko,
vice president, strategy and market development, and maybe also Gordon L.
Almquist, vice president, finance and chief financial officer. As far as I
know, all three have recently left 3D Systems, which sounds like a MAJOR
shakeup to me. With over 50% of the world market in RP systems, I thought
everything at 3D was peaches and cream. Obviously not. Anyone know what's
really going on over there in Valencia?

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