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From: Steve_Farentinos (
Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 07:32:22 EEST

George Sachs wrote:
> I think it is high time that there is a unified site where 1-2 dozen
> standard real-world STL parts can be found. This test suite should include
> at least 2-3 examples each of automotive, aerospace, medical, etc. uses of
> RP. A good candidate to host such a site would be the SME, RPA. Until such
> time as someone else offers to set up such a site, please contact me if you
> would be interested in helping to define the content for such a
> test/research suite and if you would be willing to help find and contribute
> parts for this purpose. I would be willing to find or create 1-2 such parts,
> if others can contribute something.

This is a good idea. The benchmark parts should also represent the
diversity of shapes we see in the real world. There should be a range
from small parts with intricate detail to large solid objects. This
would allow people to investigate the suitability of the various RP
systems to different shapes, volumes, wall thickness, etc.

I could probably come up with some samples if needed.


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