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Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 19:04:52 EEST

> I think it is high time that there is a unified site where 1-2 dozen
> standard real-world STL parts can be found. This test suite should include
> at least 2-3 examples each of automotive, aerospace, medical, etc.
>from small parts with intricate detail to large solid objects. This
>would allow people to investigate the suitability of the various RP
>systems to different shapes, volumes, wall thickness, etc.

Funny how benchmarking always surfaces each it spring or something?

  Now about benchmarking....... The SLA user's group created a part (Ed
Gargiulo) back in 1990 and at the 1997 meeting approved the Kodak part as
the official injection molding benchmark part. When the NASUG attempted to
do a real study....participants were few and far between....why? BUILD
TIMES...who has time to tinker when real MONEY was being lost.

I guess I favor an individual company doing it's benchmark around it's
product line. If Ford used a Motorola model I doubt they would add much to
their knowledge except some fundamental cans and can'ts. Real information
is learned when a company understands their product line and attempts to
use RP systems to enhance their market share. We learned not by
benchmarking but by getting real work accomplished. Benchmarking is a
security blanket for those who have to have some data to assure the boss
they made or are making the right decisions. But what happens if you
choose the wrong part to benchmark and the end results leads to a bad
business decision?

I don't mean to sound negative but I want to reliable, repeatable process
that I can control and maintain. Benchmarking won't help in that area
unless I am Guy McDonald.

look on
somewhere under benchmarks lurkes the files that exist today.


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