Re: benchmarking

From: George Sachs (
Date: Thu May 01 1997 - 01:39:09 EEST

DePuy may not have need or interest in this, but then they do not need to
contribute anything and they are certainly not being asked to pay for this!.
I envision this as a site for people not that well versed or immersed in RP,
who are looking for non-proprietary info and test parts for research or
testing purposes or prior to purchasing equipment. Clearly if there are
dozens of real world parts available, there might be something useful for a
large number of people. The parts I have seen do date, do not look like what
I see at shows and are not very useful if you want to experiment with a
manifold or engine housing or medical prosthetic etc.

George Sachs

At 02:56 PM 4/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I have to agree with Elaine.
>Why do I want to build wiggets, when here at DePuy we only build gizmos.
>Bart Huffman

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