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Date: Fri May 02 1997 - 15:37:23 EEST

George and others...

>I should have known that the term "benchmarking" is a loaded one.

Benchmarking it a strangely applied term and it's definition depends on the
environment where you hear it. As you can see "benchmarking" was a
debated term and application here at Clemson. I have hundreds of
geometries built and measured in an attempt to "benckmark" RP systems.
What was the reason for such attempts and debates? Establishing a
knowledge base with data to support it. Was it successful? Depends on
how you interpret the study and the time frame. It is kinda like shooting
a moving target, the process always was changing. Why? RP system
improvements and updates. We learned ALOT... mostly what not to do and

This is why I came to believe that each company but even more important, as
Doug and Derekpointed out, each division has to choose it's models based on
it's product and experience.

Why? Because you can set the WRONG expectation and thus harm entire
projects and as well the entire RP technology if you screw up.
Why again? Because you have DATA and if you have DATA people will believe
that instead of looking beyond what could have been improperly done with
the benchmark. It's funny how some people look for the negative in any
technology and LATCH on to it.

>matter further if there is "sufficient" interest. I would also like you to
>provide me with a "wish list" of parts you would like to see

There is great interest in the user community about benchmarking.
Always has been and always will be. I greatly appreicated Vern Schmidt's
candid presentation at the RP&M conference the first year I attended. Doug
VanPutte has always challenged the technology with his knowledge of Kodak's
products and processes. Derek Smith uses benchmarking that has been
finely tuned thus giving Motorola a critical approach to properly applying
the technology. All these efforts are founded on excellent techniques.

 George Saks and Stuart Hogarth..... are you willing to push for not just
STL models but as Doug pointed out a CAD database with a spreadsheet for
data...? If so the the user community awaits your presentation at the 1998
RP&M conference. I can assure you that the RPA quarterly will publish any
article anyone wishes to write concerning the subject. You are always
welcome to dump information onto Clemson's site as well as Karl Dentons.
Contact Kristen Dudash ( about the RPA/SME participation.

Who is willing to step up and corral this subject and make it into a
reality? Talk's cheap. RP time ain't. The industry will grow with a
good knowledge base under it's feet.

I still want repeatability and reliability (with a pushbutton)!


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