Re: vaccuum or other fixturing for delicate parts

Date: Fri May 02 1997 - 20:33:03 EEST

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<< I'm looking for a method of holding relatively small, fragile components.
 few years ago I recall seeing a vacuum based system. Could someone send me
 pointer to where I can contact a vendor? >>

Bert - A customer of mine makes 2 different sized (1 about pencil sized, the
other a bit larger)- hand held devices that should do the trick. Tools were
designed for hand placing of surface mount electronic devices, but should
work for a variety of uses. Both are relatively inexpensive. The company is
Vac U Pic, in Rahway, NJ - (908) 574-0002 Contact Nancy Holtz.

Roy Sheppard Jr.
Atlantic Technical Components
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Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
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