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Date: Sat May 03 1997 - 00:08:45 EEST

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<< A few questions...
 What type of back fillers are used to fill cavity and core?
 How long would be the cycle time?
 what would be the release agent? >>

We have been conducting several research projects with it The Institute for
Plastics Innovation The projects
are still in the early phases of evaluating things like plating, cavity
pressure switch over, mechanical properties of Direct AIM molded parts, and
the factors of cooling Direct AIM inserts. Although it would be
inappropriate to draw any conclusions from the research at this time, some
generalizations may be considered:

backfill material should be high thermal conductivity and homogenous
cycle times can be expected in the 1 to 2 minute range
a light oil release agent can be useful on parts

I hope this is helpful,

Chris Sullivan

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