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Date: Sat May 03 1997 - 10:44:39 EEST


It's not at all strange to me that two RP system manufacturers should work
together, especially on R&D. However, your agreement with Helisys, as far
as I understood, is purely commercial, which I take to mean in practice
that each of your sales forces will offer the other's product. Period.
That's what I find strange. I just can't see Sanders products as an
attractive proposition for companies doing, for example, sand casting, nor
can I envisage your jewelery customers getting all that enthusiastic about
LOM technology. In order for two companies to work together they have to
offer something in common. As I see it, apart from the fact that both of
you serve the RP industry, and that both of you need to make profits, there
are no similarities between yourselves and Helisys, unless the idea of a
common sales force is the objective. Perhaps you'd care to elaborate on
just how you see this agreement working out in practice?

In my view the RP industry is headed for a big shakeout in 1997. I am
looking forward to Terry Wohler's State of the Industry report next year. I
predict it will be very different from past reports.

Yakov H.

At 15:45 -0500 1/5/97, MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA wrote:
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>>(SANDERS/HELISYS)(HELI) Sanders Prototype and Helisys enter into OEM
>> agreement

>Yakov took this off the Business Wire and reported it as strange that
>two companies in the RP business might actually work together. I don't
>think this is as unusual as Raytheon buying up TI and Hughes, or Boeing
>buying up Rockwell's Defense Business.
>Somewhere in between all of us having so much fun, profits need to be
>made by some of the RP companies-- or we won't be around to read the
>postings on this list.
>Al Hastbacka

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