Segmented cycles and trends; Elastomer comparisons

Date: Mon May 05 1997 - 17:19:04 EEST

Hey, fellow rpml-ers. I am looking for a couple of items. Any helpful
direction, general or specific, would be appreciated.

(1) Reliable information which reveals seasonal rp purchasing cycles, broken
down by business segment (i.e. toys, electronics, automotive, etc.), and
industry segment trends. Bottom line, who is buying what kinds of rp at what
times of the year?

(2) Comparative data on rp elastomer materials and actual production
silicons, urethanes and rubbers in general. I am interested to know how the
two new DuPont Somos* materials (2100 for SLA, 201 for SLS) compare to the
production rubbers. Bottom line, how do the rp elastomers rate against the
real thing?

Thanks in advance for your helpful responses.

Ron Clemons
Director of Marketing
Harvest Technologies

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