Re: vacuum or other fixturing for delicate parts

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Wed May 07 1997 - 18:39:09 EEST

Bert VandenBerg wrote:
> I'm looking for a method of holding relatively small, fragile components. A
> few years ago I recall seeing a vacuum based system. Could someone send me a
> pointer to where I can contact a vendor?
> object sizes: 2 - 60 cm (longest dimension)
> material: various organic and inorganic (seldom metal)

Dear Bert:

We have a product which may be suitable for your application.
It is called METAPOR F100 AL and it is a micro-porous, air, steam, &
water permeable material. This material is often used for construction
of vacuum holding fixtures. METAPOR can be machined if complex pockets
or profiles are necessry for holding specific geometry.

The material is available in 20" x 20" plates. Larger constructions are
achieved by gluing plates with a variety of 2-component adhesives
(example: Ciba 2014)

More details are available on our web site under PORTEC

Best regards,
Michael Tsenter

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