?? Using Diode-pumped solid state laser to cure Acrylate resins

From: Johnny Geling (johnny@materialise.be)
Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 22:01:06 EEST


Does anyone has experience in using a diode-pumped solid state to cure Acrylate resins?

In a system using diode-pumped laser the energy is not constant but pulses of high energy reach de surface. The frequency of the puls rate is 20 kHz. In the past al acrylate resin were cured with laser with a constant energy. So the figure and facts of building parts using a pumped diode laser could be different than using the clasical configurations.

I can imaging that a energy pulse is that high that curing is to deep for a proper use of STAR-WEAVE and STAR-WEAVE-like building styles. So that free krimp not possible is.

If anyone has some experience please contact me.

Johnny Geling,
Materialise n.v.
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