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From: Mr C.C. Ainsley (
Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 17:51:33 EEST

Hi rp'ers

        I do not know if this is the correct forum for this so I
apologise now to those who think this is the incorrect use of the
mailing list.

I am currently seeking employment in the rapid prototyping or
rapid tooling areas. I am currently finishing off my PhD into the
use of slip casting as a method of forming injection moulding tools
and have been working in this area for over three years.
I am fully versed in the used of CAD, SLA 250 and a variety
of rapid/soft tooling methods.

I am looking for a position in R&D or the product development field and
I have no limitations in terms of geological location.
I will be happy to send any body a copy of my CV on request, or
answer any queries.

Thank you for you time can consideration.

                Chris Ainsley

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