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Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 19:49:36 EEST


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<< Anyone care to forecast what the RP industry growth would look like if RP
became an individual preference rather than a business tool? >>

In short - it would add the next zero a whole lot sooner.

Longer - just remember how similar the transition you describe is to that
"revolution" Xerox caused when they introduced the first dry and easy
photocopier (the "914"?). The machine was no longer merely a "business
tool." In fact, it became an "individual preference," selected to do things
which people had never dreamed they might do.

The photocopier would have remained a boring business tool (sold mostly to
offset printers) if it were not for people of remarkable vision. They defied
the predictions of market researchers who could not see past existing
business uses - to the optional uses of "individual preference."

Xerox made '2D copying' easy and irresistable in the '60's. HP and others
made '2D printing' easy and irresistable in the '80's. Who will do the same
thing for 3D? and will it be in the '90's or the '00's?
Norman Kinzie
Laminar Systems, Inc.

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