Prototyping Technology International '97

From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Sun May 11 1997 - 14:56:08 EEST

I have now had a chance to go through this journal in a little more detail
(it was distributed at the recent RP&M conference in Dearborn), and would
like to recommend it highly to anyone interested in a comprehensive
overview of the state of the industry at this time.

The review is divided into 4 sections (an Intoduction to RP and the latest
generation prototyping; Simulation-based design; Layer manufacturing
technology; Machining, molding and casting) each of which contains 20 or so
articles by recognised experts in their fields. The choice of articles
strikes a nice balance between purely commercial presentations, a wide
range of application stories, and current research, and the editors are to
be complimented for keeping the contributions short, well illustrated and
not too technical. The journal is very well produced, advertising is kept
discrete, and the focus is on the articles rather than on promotion. Highly
recommended, and well worth the price.

Prototyping Technology International '97
328pp. ISSN 1367-2436
Price: UKP60 (US$95)

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