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Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 00:56:45 EEST

At 12:30 -0400 11/5/97, George Sachs wrote:

>I had early on also pointed out to
>them that I felt the product was priced far to low to provide a professional
>level of functionality and support

I also believe that TriSpectives is/was priced too low, which proved to be
a strange phenomenon that I had not encountered before. Apart from the
problems of not being able to support a product at that price, the CAD
professionals I spoke to here about TriS. refused to take it seriously at
all, or to believe that at that price ($400) it could be anything but a
kid's toy, even though they sort of secretely liked the product. I remember
on it's introduction at Autofact, the enthusiasm for it was so great that
people were lining up at the TriSpectives stand, credit cards ready to grab
a package. Here at Promau we got hooked on the idea of 3D CAD for the
masses and had some exchanges with 3D/Eye about distribution. Their line
was that TriSpectives would do for CAD what page-layout programs had done
for the publishing industry. We're still waiting. My feeling is that the
people who put up the development money for TriSpectives (including Paul
Allen, I believe) wanted to make a quick killing, and when it didn't happen
they just dumped the product. What a way to go for 3D/Eye to have
squandered all that enthusiasm!

BTW, if anyone is interested, we still have some packages of TriSpectives
1.O in stock, which include a free upgrade to v2.0, if and when it

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