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Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 10:40:00 EEST

On Sun, 11 May 1997, Yakov Horenstein wrote:
> At the 1995 Autofact show, two new CAD products were launched which aroused
> a lot of enthusiasm. One was SolidWorks and the other was TriSpectives.
> >From all accounts SolidWorks is selling well, but TriSpectives seems to
> have disappeared from the scene. What happened?

     George Sacks already explained that TriSpectives (and presumably 3-D
Eye) has been acquired by VDS. It is not clear what they plan to do with
it, or what they COULD do with it.

     But I recently learned some more interesting news, that the team of
programmers that wrote the product were not part of the deal and have
been taken up in-toto by another company that certainly has the money to
back them while they do it all over again. It remains to be seen if this
company will fare better in understanding how to launch a breakthrough in
user-friendly CAD in the 1990s.

     TriSpectives was a beautiful concept (if not always a flawless
product, as George pointed out) that set a new standard for ease-of-use
and, as Joel Orr has called it, fun-of-use in CAD. Now let's see who's
going to do it again (or better) with a solid business plan behind them.

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