RP Finishing Opportunity

From: Scott A. Jewson (scott.jewson@carpediem.com)
Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 16:21:59 EEST

Compression, Inc.

        We are presently looking for an individual with RP Finishing
experience, and or RTV Casting experience for our Indianapolis
        Those interested should be strongly self-motivated, enjoy
working in a
fun, fast paced environment capable of change on the fly, as well as a
strong sense of urgency to customer needs.
        Anyone interested please forward a copy of your resume to the
address or email address listed below.

Scott Jewson
Compression, Inc. (http://www.carpediem.com)
7752 Moller Rd.
Indianapolis, IN. 46208
(317)228-2213 Ext. 148
(317)228-2200 Operator
(317)228-2201 Fax
(317)228-2221 Modem
scott.jewson@carpediem.com E-Mail

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