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Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 16:24:33 EEST

Yakov Horenstein wrote:

> From all accounts SolidWorks is selling well, but TriSpectives seems to
have disappeared
> from the scene. What happened?

Earlier this year, 3D/EYE (the makers of TriSpectives) was acquired by
Visionary Design Systems. VDS is the largest independent dealer of
SolidDesigner and Work Manager from HP's CoCreate subsidiary. Both
TriSpectives and SolidDesigner take advantage of the ACIS solid modeling
kernel from Spatial Technology. VDS said that 3D/EYE would continue to
operate from its Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.

A former 3D/EYE employee admitted that the company did a poor job at
positioning, marketing, and selling the product. The company described
TriSpectives as a product for 3D modeling, graphic illustration, and
animation -- software that could serve the needs of many departments in an
organization. 3D/EYE gave the impressive that it was "all things to all
people," and made the mistake of NOT describing it as a CAD product.
Consequently, TriSpectives would not make the short list (any list for that
matter) at companies and schools considering CAD software, even for
experimentation. Some organizations may not have taken it seriously
because of its low ($500) price. Perhaps VDS and the remains at 3D/EYE
will develop a strong marketing plan, enhance the product's speed, add the
features it needs to compete SolidWorks and others, and call it a CAD solid

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates, Inc.

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