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From: Thaddeus Fox (tadfox@iware.com)
Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 18:01:58 EEST

Imageware to Provide Helisys with a Customized Version of its
Industry-Leading Rapid Prototyping Software

Ann Arbor, MI - April 22, 1997 - Imageware and Helisys announced today a
business cooperation between the two companies that will provide Helisys
with special, customized versions of Imageware's industry-leading Rapid
Prototyping Software. The software will be distributed to Helisys' install
base and with new machines that Helisys sells.

Imageware will provide Helisys with a 3 tiered product: LOMassist is the
entry level product to enable Helisys users to import, visualize, verify and
correct the .STL files of CAD models. LOMexpert provides a complete suite of
utilities for the creation and modification of .STL of CAD models.
LOMtooling is an addition to LOMexpert and provides Helisys users with
Imageware's state-of-the-art technology for the creation of tooling directly
from CAD models, including core extraction, core/cavity creation, and the
identification of parting lines.

The goal of this partnership is to increase the value and benefit of
Helisys' technology in general and specifically in the area of rapid
tooling. This relationship will lead to the development of dedicated rapid
prototyping solutions for casting and molding applications.

"We are partnering with Imageware because their customized software will
offer the widest range of benefits to our customers," said Michael Feygin,
Helisys' President and Chief Executive Officer. "Imageware software will
improve the process by which our customers link the virtual world of the CAD
design to the physical world of the finished model. Our plan is to continue
working with Imageware to develop software that will bring additional
value-added features to our products, further assisting
our customers and distinguishing Helisys' rapid prototyping systems in the

"We continue to expand the reach of Imageware's core competence - our
software development culture team, and technology - by developing
partnerships with innovative industry leaders like Helisys" said Larry
Mueller, Chief Executive Officer at Imageware. "Our partnership will focus
on delivering complete software and hardware solutions to our joint
customers and offering substantial return on their investment."

Helisys develops and builds automated systems for creating physical models,
industrial patterns, product prototypes, and production tooling directly
from three-dimensional computer- generated designs. Helisys' manufacturing
customers include makers of automobiles, toys, appliances, sporting goods,
electronic hardware, medical devices, aerospace components, shoes, springs,
and other products. Helisys' systems also are used in university research
environments and supercomputer centers.

Imageware is a world class software development company that is
revolutionizing manufacturing and design processes by linking the virtual to
the physical worlds. Imageware's breakthrough solutions in time-compression
and quality improvement have provided never-before-seen benefits to its 500+
install base which spans several industries: automotive, aerospace,
manufacturing, consumer products, animation, medical, and rapid prototyping.
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