FDM Tips

From: Atif Mehmet Yardimci (ayardi1@uic.edu)
Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 18:34:15 EEST

Dear List Members:

We've a FDM1650 in house, and have been RP'ing happily since December '96
with ABS/T12.

Recently 1650 gave 'torque limiting error'. A torque
check revealed that the ABS modeling side has been running between
280-390. Hand feeding small lengths of filament, and cleaning liquefier
entrance ruled out filament delivery errors before the liquefier.
It looks like we have plugging, either in tips or in liquefier.

How do you deal with plugging? How frequent does it occur in your
operations? Are there guidelines for preventive maintenance?

Best Regards,

     Atif Yardimci

Manufacturing Processes Laboratory +1-312-355-0478 / +1-312-413-7408 [voice]
Mechanical Engineering Department +1-312-413-0447 [fax]
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