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Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 18:34:49 EEST

     Hi Gregg
     We do a variety of parts, from small camera parts to full cameras
     bodies, on our SLA machine.
     Our parts have fine detail requirements (.010" thick walls & bosses) &
     SLA is the only system that has that fine detail. We use the parts for
     form, fit & limited function. For more functional parts we have been
     using SLS parts. We have found that to get the best results from "RP"
     you have to learn the strengths of all the systems & mix & match parts
     for the needs of the prototype.
     Internal (dept. to dept.) charging is different than outside costs &
     saves us many $$. We only have an SLA machine, so we pay the going
     price if we need parts from another system. Our machine runs about 70%
     of the time of a 7 day week/24 hour day.
     We are checking out Rapid Tooling & feel that this has great potential
     for the future.
     "RP" is going slowly, but I told my manger "once they've been to Paris
     they wont go back to the farm". You have to use the process carefully,
     but great advances are being made.
        Form, fit some function.
        Catch the errors early & save tooling errors.
        Great discussion item when talking with upper management or working
         with other companies.
        Sending a part to the tooling design house saves $$$ in estimating
        (Saves time trying to understand the data bases).
        Some systems have probs. with humidity, precision, laminating &
        None can directly duplicate the Engineering material.
        No one system can do it all.
        Worst problem is using these systems to try to do what they are
       not designed for.
     The "RP" world has a long way to go, but it is very impressive when
     used right.

     These are just some thoughts on the process.

        Doug White
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Subject: Author: rruston%ibm.NET@prdnet.polaroid.com at INET
Date: 5/9/97 12:25 AM

I am a Manufacturing Management student at the University of Technology
I am doing an assignment on Rapid Prototyping which involves surveying
I would like to know if you could tell me of or give specific information
and examples on uses of rapid prototyping in any manufacturing companies.
What types products or parts were involved and what were the estimated cost
and time savings from using rapid prototyping
Also could you tell me what you perceive as the advantages and disadvatages
of using rapid prototyping.
Thank you very much for your time
Greg Ruston

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