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Date: Wed May 14 1997 - 09:18:20 EEST

On May 21, 1997 sculptor Michael Rees will participate in the exhibit "A
Natural Selection" at the Z Gallery, 70 Greene St., NY, NY. (212)
966-8836, Fx: (212) 431-6216 through June 30. The exhibit opens to the
public on May 21 from 5:00-7:00p. The exhibition is curated by critic
Dominique Nahas.

Rees will exhibit 5 sculptures made from 3 rapid prototyping processes
and 4 photo renderings. The rapid prototyping technologies include
Stereolithography and LOM,. Of particular interest is that one of
the stereolithography sculptures will be made with ceramic resin being
developed by Guy Allen Brady at the University of Michigan. ( ). Other stereolithography
sculptures have been made by Kelly Hand and Allen Nakasato at Satellite
Models in Mountain View California. (
Still other stereolithography sculptures were made by Paul Britt of
Prototype Specialists in Derby KS. ( The
LOM sculptures were produced by the Kira Corporation.

Rees' work with Rapid Prototyping was featured in the February 1997
issue of the Rapid Prototyping Report, "Digital Art: Digital Sculpture
via Stereolithography". It was also on the cover of the February
"Standardization News" an ASTM publication. In more art related
publications, his work has been written about in the New York Times,
Flash Art, and Art In America among others.

Images of Rees' work is exhibited on the world wide web at:

Time Compressors are particularly encouraged to attend the opening.

"Art and engineering collaborate to make my sculptures. Using rapid
prototyping to make art may be the beginning of the popularization of
this fabulous technology." -mr

michael rees
4501 belleview
kansas city mo 64111

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