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Date: Wed May 14 1997 - 07:28:14 EEST

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On Tue, 13 May 1997 wrote:
> definately deserves tremendous respect for playing a great game
> vs. a computer that can ponder 200,000,000 moves/second. It is
> the rough equivalent of a man on foot vs. a jet in a round-the-world
> race.

     Well Dan, that's not clear to me. I'm not sure it's been established
that the human brain can't move that fast. But more important, we
probably don't play chess by pondering the entire tree of possibilities
(i.e., by brute force), but by some much more intelligent approach to
the problem (which brain scientists probably still haven't figured out).
So it's probably more like a man on foot vs. a jet in a race to the store
around the corner from the airport. The jet can win if it can get off the
ground before the guy gets within a few hundred feet of the store. (The
analogy breaks down when the jet crashes into the store.)

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