Job Opportunity in Malaysia

Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 03:39:20 EEST

A major automotive manufacturer in Malaysia is looking for two
individuals to assist in the formation of a Rapid Prototyping &
Manufacturing Center. This is a ground floor opportunity in a large
(1.5 billion USD sales in 1996) agressive, rapid growth company.
Equipment includes multiple LOM, SLA, FDM and Hi-speed CNC machines.

Ideal candidates will have an RP, tooling & automotive background with
some management skills. Knowledge of Asian business practices not
necessary but is a great plus. Family men (or women) are good, but this
is an ideal opportunity for a younger single person.

Compensation package includes company-supplied furnished condo, car &
health insurance. Salary is approximately same as in US (see Elaine's
data), but cost of living here is about 40% less. Duration of contract
will be two years.

Help me create a division from scratch. We will be responsible for the
disemination of skills/knowledge throughout the company and the tier one
supplier base. A large task, but the enthusiasm here is very

Contact me (privately & confidentially) via e-mail:

Dan Davis

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