RP maintenance

From: PLYMROCK@aol.com
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 18:11:53 EEST

To the rapid prototyping community...

We appreciate the strong intrest that was expressed, in response to our
survey about alternate sources for SLA hardware maintenance.

RPM (Rapid Prototyping Maintenance) is now supplying the following services
for SLA-190 and SLA-250 users:

Services - SLA-190 Hardware Services
               SLA-250 Hardware Services
                Laser replacement (Omnichrome or Liconix)
                System de-installations and re-installation
                Preventive maintenance

Future products will include
                 Self-Maintenance training
                 Preventive maintenance training

You can contact RPM by:
                 email Plymrock@AOL.com
                 Voice 888-939-3794
                 Pager 617-865-1407
                  or writing us at
                  PO Box 364
                  Needham , MA. 02194

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