Re: Lost Foam Casting Facilities?

From: Michael C Maguire (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 18:29:53 EEST

Tim, (and rp-ml)

I think I talked to Dave Hubbard at Truecast about this. He asked a similar
question and I referred him to Barroncast, but I believe that they just use foam
patterns in investment shells, and not true dry sand lost foam capabilities. I'm
not aware of any foundries that do this kind of work (probably a reflection of
my ignorance, not a lack of foundries who do the work), but I have two
suggestions. First, GM has an Advanced Development Laboratory Foundry in
Saginaw. They have the capability to do lost foam work. I don't know if they
would be interested, but perhaps it would be worth a try. The contact up there
is Mark Hoover, and his number 517-757-1492. Even if they can't be contracted to
do the work, he might know of someone who can. Secondly, the possibility always
exists to use (Sandia) to make lost foam castings as a user facility. You could
assume that we would be more costly than a commercial foundry, so consider us as
a last resort. We've done some work with GM on lost foam in the past, so we have
the capability to turn foam patterns into parts. Do the foam parts exist, or do
you need to make blow mold dies for the foam?

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Subject: Lost Foam Casting Facilities?
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Date: 5/15/97 9:04 AM

I am trying to track down a prototype lost foam casting house. I have
checked out the Thomas Register, but all have been high volume folks
and not the 1-5 part range people. Maximum Part size is fairly large
about 3-4 ft square with .25 in. wall. Anybody know of any prototype
facilities that can handle this type of part size and quantity?


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