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From: Peter de Jager (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 18:47:24 EEST

Justin R. Kidder wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a simple, free STL
> viewer for Irix 6.2 (or lower, I suppose). I just need to look at the
> objects and maybe be able to rotate/zoom them. Rendering would be helpful
> too, but I won't ask for too much. Thanks.
> -Justin
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Hello Justin,

you can use the standard SlaToIv program to translate from stl format
to inventor format, which you can view by using the ivview program on

     SlaToIv - convert an SLA format file into an Open Inventor 2.0

             <infile> <outfile>

     SlaToIv converts an SLA formatted file into an Open Inventor 2.0
     Copyright 1993 by Iowa State University.

     <infile> Specifies the name of the SLA file to read and convert.

     <outfile> Specifies the name of the Open Inventor file to use for

Be aware that this program does not do any data reduction: the
vertices of the triangles will be all several times in the inventor

If you want to do a better translation with data reduction (to get a
better interactive response from the ivview program) you can use the
ADMesh program from Anthony Martin.
ADMesh can write STL, VRML, OFF, and DXF files and a lot more, see for
your self. The VRML file translation will reduce the data by using a
IndexedTriangle elemnt, so that each vertex is only included once in the
The VRML file can be viewed by a number of applications, including the
ivview program.

ADMesh can be obtained via http from:
or visit the home page at:

I hope this info helps and wish you succes!

Peter de Jager.

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