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Date: Thu May 15 2008 - 20:14:50 EEST

Wow! And I thought _I_ could rant!

Rick Lott

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Subject: Re: Job Opportunity in Malaysia
Author: George Sachs <> at CCGATE
Date: 5/15/97 9:05 AM

At 08:12 AM 5/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>necessary but is a great plus. Family men (or women) are good, but this
>>is an ideal opportunity for a younger single person.
>Guess I'd have to take off that new wedding ring, dye my hair purple, have
>a face lift....... in order to apply? At least women got (included) so I
>won't have to have major surgery.....that's a plus.
I especially like those "challenging" jobs which require wearing lots of
hats (managing included?), lots of enthusiasm, TEAM PLAYERS (I am sick if
this one, because it's default, trendy and politically charged), and a
burning desire to make the boss and stock holders wealthy. These "golden"
opportunities are for a fixed period of time at a fixed wage, no job
security, no retirement plans, no profit sharing or stock options! We are
seeing more and more of these CHALLENGING jobs (primarily targeted at young,
single people, who do not need family medical coverage or retirement
benefits, or a future?). Maybe "challenging" really means "financially
challenging" these days. I guess this all comes with the NERD TERRITORY!
George Sachs

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