Re: STL viewer for Irix?

From: Georges Fadel (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 21:51:10 EEST

A Demo of IVECS (Interactive Virtual Environment for Correction of .STL Files) is
availabe on IVECS' web page ( The demo is save
disabled but otherwise totally functional, for Irix 5.3 and later versions of this
Operating System. A port to Microsoft WindowsNT Operating System is underway,
interested parties should consult IVECS' web sites for up-to-date information.

"IVECS is a software solution which eases the generation of artifacts
- Ensuring shell-closure of the artifact using intuitive visual aids,
- Offering a customizable, and automated resolution of ordinary errors (roundoff
  errors & misoriented shells),
- Allowing parts to be Virtually Prototyped with chrome plating mode (to spot
  form flaws) or transparent mode (to spot internal details),
- Offering "on the spot" assisted intervention with a suite of tools for
  triangle-based edititing (patching, deletion, offset, clipping, reversal),
  Dynamically showing the evolution of errors on the skin of the artifact.

IVECS is aimed at a wide range of users, ranging from concienscious CAD users with the
need to verify their design before it is built, to Rapid Prototyping facilities manager,
ensuring greater throughput and increased efficiency. IVECS can primarily be viewed as a
the equivalent of a "print-preview" function."

Additionally, the clemson RP site includes a number of utilities that allow you to convert to other formats. Check my web pages, the links,
the Rapid prototyping and software links.

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