DuPont "Somos 6120" Now Available for EOS STEREOS Max

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Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 19:50:28 EEST

        DuPont "Somos 6120" Now Available for
    EOS STEREOS MAX Stereolithography Systems using
                Solid-State UV Lasers
    Wilmington, DE (USA) May 16, 1997: DuPont Company announced today in
    cooperation with EOS GmbH, that testing and initial commercialization
    of their newest solid imaging products, when used together, is a
    The products are the new EOS STEREOS MAX stereolithography systems,
    equipped with a UV solid state lasers, and the new DuPont "Somos 6120"
    epoxy resin, optimized for UV solid state lasers.
    "Somos 6120" is the third member of DuPont's Somos 6100 Series of
    2nd-generation epoxy-based resins for stereolithography. Existing
    members of the series are Somos 6100 for Ar-ion UV laser
    stereolithography systems and Somos 6110 for HeCd UV laser
    stereolithography systems. Each Somos material is optimized for a
    particular laser system, and each production lot is subjected to
    quality control testing appropriate for its laser designation. The
    Somos 6100 Series of epoxy resins are compatible with all known
    secondary processes, such as silicone rubber molding.
    EOS now offers all three members of the DuPont Somos 6100 Series to its
    STEREOS customers.
    The new DuPont "Somos 6120" is a high accuracy, high strength, epoxy
    resin. It has "working curve" parameters Ec=17.7 mJ/cm2 and Dp=0.175
    mm (6.9 mil). The high photospeed of Somos 6120 permits EOS STEREOS
    MAX systems to be operated at their full potential.
    The DuPont "Somos 6120" is also characterized by its wide process
    latitude, and its ability to tolerate high humidity environments, both
    during and after fabrication, which minimizes softening and distortion
    in the finished part.
    DuPont provides the world's widest selection of solid imaging
    materials. The DuPont Somos resins for stereolithography have been
    individually optimized for Ar-ion, HeCd, and solid state UV laser
    systems, and range from the only available flexible resins (Somos 2100
    Series), to general purpose highly transparent acrylate resins (Somos
    3100 Series), to 2nd-generation high-speed, humidity-tolerant,
    high-accuracy epoxy resins (Somos 6100 Series).
    We are delighted with EOS' success in serving the European solid
    imaging market and their distribution of DuPont Somos solid imaging
    materials. We look forward to working with EOS to continue to provide
    the very best in solid imaging systems.
    Somos(R) is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours
    and Company
    STEREOS is a trademark of Eos GmbH, Germany.
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