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From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 13:56:33 EEST

vincent Lin wrote:
> Hi,rp-ml members,
> ACTUA 2100 of 3D Systems has been announced for
> more than a year. There should be some ACTUA
> users. It seldom hear from people talking about
> this machine. Does anyone has experiences
> in using ACTUA?
The Actua system has virtually no set up. The only thing that needs to
be done is to orient the stl file in the position you want it to built.
You can ask for multiples and scale it in the Allegro software.

>What kind of application is it for ACTUA?
So far we have had our best success with thick solid parts. Thin walled
parts (less than .250) are far to delicate. Special care needs to be
taken with hollow parts too. People want to sqweeze which will break

>Does the part look great?
The top surface quality is pretty good, but has lines now and then that
mar the surface. I'm not sure of the cause. Side walls are acceptable
but could stand improvement. Down surfaces are not very good.

>How was it compared to other Desktop RP, 3D Printing or Plotting technologies?
It's faster than the Sander's modelmaker and runs more reliable (jet
clogs) That is the only personal experience I have with other desk top
systems. Repeat parts seem to be consistent dimensionally. The material
has a tacky feel and the supports although easily removed are quit
messy. We are using the original material at this time but have been
told that the newer material is tougher.



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